Government programs we plan to cover

This website will be an advocate for government programs, providing would be applicants all the informations and resources they need to be able to successfully apply for the programs they are eligible for and increase their chances of approval.

SNAP Food Stamps

One of the main programs if the food stamps program, which covers more than 46 million people in the United States as of 2015. In most states, food stamps holders are given an SNAP EBT Card, which is also called Benefits Security Card in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and some other states. We will provide information on food stamps eligibility, how to apply in each state, how to check your SNAP EBT balance and how to get an EBT Card replacement.

Unemployment Benefits

Even though the unemployment rate is at 5%, the number of unemployed persons is at 7.9 million, as of September 2016 Рaccording to BLS data. That means that there are still a significant number of people who are on Eppicards, which is the debit card used in almost all 50 states to administer unemployment benefits. It works like any other debit card and can be used to make purchases and take out cash at ATMs.

Social Security

"Social Security Direct Deposit"

According to the Social Security Administration, there are 57 million people on Social Security benefits, with 42 million of that consisting of people ages 65 or older. Another 5.5 million people are on Supplemental Security Income. The average monthly benefit is $1238. We will cover Social Security in detail, including how to apply, when to apply, how to sign up for direct deposit, how to maximize your benefits and more. A large number of Social Security Direct Deposit Recipients use the Direct Express Debit Card by Comerica to access their benefits.

Women, Infant and Children (WIC)

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program provides supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk. The WIC program, just like the SNAP food stamps program is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). According to USDA data, there are about 8.0 million on the program, with children forming the largest category.

Of the 8.0 million people who received WIC benefits each month in FY 2015, approximately 4.16 million were children, 1.94 million were infants, and 1.92 million were women. That goes to show that there are many children in this country who are at risk of malnutrition and need help from the government to get the right kind of food to support their growth at such an important age in their lives. The video above is about the Maryland WIC program and shows you how to use the WIC check in the grocery store to avoid any issues at checkout.